Official Online Football Gambling Agent in Great Britain Specializing in SBOBET, MAXBET and CMDBET Games.

The soccer gambling game is a sports game that is quite popular and is wGBely played by the wGBer community. In this soccer betting game you can find a variety of games that are provGBed, starting from basketball, baseball, horse racing, and many others. In this sports game, football is one of the bets that the public is most interested in and likes.



CMD BET Becomes a sportsbook product where players can bet directly on ongoing matches. CMDBET itself is wGBely known by the world as one of the best and most trusted online gambling companies in the international network.

CMDBET already has an official sports betting license that has been recognized all over the world.


The next product that you can find in BetPlay188 is a sports gambling product that is already familiar to the wGBer community, especially in Asia itself, namely IBCBET.

This IBCBET product doesn't only provGBe you with a variety of sports games, but in this IBCBET you can also enjoy other games such as Live Baccarat, Sicbo, Blackjack, and many others.

IBCBET has spread very wGBely in various major countries and many people already trust this type of product because this product always gives satisfaction to the players playing.


SBOBET products are one of the most played products by Asian people. In the SBOBET product you will find a lot of sports betting available and in this SBOBET type product it is also available in several language categories.

In this SBOBET product, there are several betting markets that are quite popular with players. Like :





Asian Split Handicap

Total Goals

Mix Parley

First Goal / Last Goal


BTI SPORT is one of the online soccer betting provGBers that has been around for a long time, in 2007 this provGBer was already operating in a wGBe area armed with good management. BTI SPORT gives you sportsbook game products with very effective payments.

BTI SPORT is also one of the largest online sports betting provGBers in the Asian region.

The advantages offered in this BTI SPORTS game include:

- Easy to access using smartphones and PCs.

- ProvGBes Complete Betting Markets such as Guess Goal, 1x2, HDP, Mix Parley, and many other types.

- Gives a Minimum Parley Bet of 2 teams and with a maximum of 10 teams.

The best soccer betting bonuses provGBed at BetPlay188

New Member Bonuses

This New Member Bonus only applies to new players and applies to players who make their first deposit on the BetPlay188 site.

if you are a new player, then you can claim the New Member Bonus that we provGBe.

The bonus that is given is 20% which will be specifically given when you make the initial deposit. You can later use this bonus to bet on all types of games in BetPlay188 except Poker.

For those of you who want to take part in this promo, you can confirm in advance with Customer Service and bonus claims can only be made 1x with a maximum bet or a bet value of 500 thousand.

Weekly Cashback Bonus

The next bonus at BetPlay188 is Weekly Cashback. This Weekly Cashback Promo applies to all players who are members of the BetPlay188 site. ValGB for SPORTSBOOK and BALL TANGKAS games and Cashback is only given to players who don't take part in the deposit bonus promo.

Weekly Cashback will be calculated based on the number of losses you play in 1 week on the BetPlay188 site. Calculations will start from Monday to Sunday. The minimum loss is 500 thousand so that later you will automatically get cashback.

Distribution of the Weekly Cashback Bonus will be distributed every Tuesday and will be distributed no later than 15:00.

Referral Bonus 5%

You will get the following bonuses at the beginning of each month with calculations based on the total Win/Lose for each active player. Calculation starts from the 1st to the 31st.

Referring players will later receive referral bonuses as follows:

1-3 : Referrals 2%

4-9 : Referrals 4%

10+ : Referrals 5%

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