We warmly welcome all those interested in pledging their support for Responsible Tourism in Myanmar.

Through sponsorship visitor awareness will be raised and participants will be able to position themselves as businesses that support responsible tourism in Myanmar. Pledging support is the first step towards sustainability. Tourism Transparency offers to actively work with the Sponsors to make responsible tourism an integral part of business operations. The Dos and Don'ts for tourists are just the first step. If you are interested in the Dos and Don'ts for tourists, please contact us to receive the sponsorship information package.

As a Sponsor, you will be able to raise your clients' awareness about some of the many intricacies of Myanmar culture and society. We offer strategic logo placement in two locations: in the printed booklet (depending on the quantity that you order and sponsor conditions). This will generate exposure in both electronic and print media. Through the sponsorship scheme, a group of like-minded tourism stakeholders will be formed, who are actively trying to make responsible tourism happen in Myanmar.

Sponsors get to strengthen their relationship with their clients in a meaningful way.

The booklets, including company logo, could be part of the Myanmar information package given to clients. The booklet can be a nice souvenir for visitors to take home and to share with friends and relatives.

Tourism Transparency offers Sponsors to regularly feature their individual responsible tourism initiative in our newsletter, which will allow for a wide exposure in the tourism sector, not only in Myanmar but also with our international recipients. Sponsorship will also allow in participating in trainings, coaching and other activities offered by Tourism Transparency at a discounted rate. We strive to actively work with our Sponsors and are open for your ideas.

Displaying one's logo in the Dos and Don'ts for tourists booklet and website is one of many more steps towards sustainability. Any proceeds made through this project go to Tourism Transparency and will be used to begin new projects and maintain our operations. Information on how the funds are used will be made available on our website as we strive to be as transparent as our name indicates.

The Dos and Don'ts for tourists are available as booklets, posters and banners and other products as requested. Sponsors have the choice to display their logo as part of a committed group of partners, or exclusively.