Q: How do I create an account with OVO88BET ?

A: how to create an account at OVO88BET very, already. Please click the “Register” button on the right side of the OVO88BET website. After that, fill in all the requested information accurately and correctly. Click the “Join Now”button


Q: I want to join OVO88BET, but I use my brother or friend's account, can I ?

A: we recommend using a personal account. If you still want to use the account in the name of your brother/friend, please fill in the data in accordance with the name of the account owner.


Q: What should be filled in the column section "name"?

A: please fill in according to the bank account book that you will register.


Q : I am currently 17 years old and will turn 18 next month, can I join OVO88BET ?

A: for now, you cannot join OVO88BET until you are 18 years old. Please return when you are 18 years old.


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Q: Why can'T I open the OVO88BET website page ? (Error page)

A: you can try to clear the search history and cache on the browser you are using, then please try to open the OVO88BET website again.


Q: Can I open OVO88BET website via mobile phone ?

A: for now we do not provide APK for AndroGB and IOS, but you can use the browser from HP.


Q: does OVO88BET have an alternative link ?

A: You can use ob8.draft9988.com


Q: Why does OVO88BET always perform maintenance ?

A: maintenance aims to update and streamline all applications on the site. Usually our daily maintenance.

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