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Tourism is known as "Smokeless Industry and it brings out nothing from the country but photos". We do not believe 100% in such thought and many countries in the world have lost their national identity, a part of which was because of tourism. We Inle Princess Resort and Inthar Heritage House strongly believe in "People and their role of Responsibility". As a developing and just opening country the role of people and their responsibility is extremely important to maintain their esteemed cultures, traditions,customs, tangible and intangible heritages which can be eradicated easily by uncontrolled tourism.
So our belief is that every stake holder of this tourism boat, either service provider, service purchaser or the Ministry or decision maker are responsible for the sustainability of tourism by preserving our esteemed values. With this belief, we do invest in people; for the sake of intellectual development to value our own values, to promote the sense of responsibility not only in business sector but also on our living environment."